Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yes, another one. These things are addicting (September 28, 2008)

What was I doing 10 years ago

I was living with 3 roommates. Jen & Trever (married) and Wayne. Jen and Trever also had a little girl who was 2 at the time. She was potty training. So Jen let her run around naked as a jay bird. That was all fine and dandy until she would climb on to the couch and shove her naked little ass in my face. I vowed I would never ever let that happen if I ever had kids... yeah... sure. I worked at Burger King and was infatuated with a guy named asswipe. I think that was his name..

What are 5 things to do on my list today

go to work
pick Aaron up and bring his non driving ass HERE to MY house for a change! WooHoo!!

Snacks I enjoy

Um.... Let's just say this list would be much MUCH smaller if I said what snacks I DIDN'T enjoy...

Things I would do if i was a billionaire

Don't get me daydreaming. It's too hard to snap out of. If you DO snap me out of daydreaming, I may eat your face until I can get back to my happy place... Now where was I ... Oh yeah. I'm a billionaire....

Three of my bad habits

nail biting

Five places I have lived

Mission, BC
Aggazzi, BC
Abbotsford, BC
Taber, Alberta
Brandon, Manitoba

Five jobs I've had

Cook at Humpty's
Waitress at a little family diner that closed at 4pm
Waitress at a 4 star restaurant
HP printer tech assist
(thought I'd list some jobs I didn't list in my previous "meme" post)

How did you name your blog

When I just had Braden, I would spend a lot of time scrapbooking, and making my own cards. On the back of the cards, I would sign it "Braden and Company" and draw a little copyright symbol. (to be cute) Well, Mackenzie came along and signing "Braden, Mackenzie and company" just got too much. So I took the first 3 letters of My son's name, first 4 letters of My daughters name, and voila!! "BraMack & Company" (myself being the "company")

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