Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where has the time gone? (September 9, 2008)

It's been a while. I new I wasn't going to blog everyday, but I did intend on blogging a bit more than what I have been. Life has been SO BUSY!!

Aaron and I are officially together, as of the beginning of July. WOOHOO!! It seems longer because of our "history" but a good longer. I have NEVER felt this secure and happy in a relationship. Even when we were together before I didn't feel this way. He's freakin AWESOME. Of course he IS still a man, but I can forgive that. ...

Mackenzie is such a diva with bad-itude! When she doesn't get her way she either tells me "I don't WIKE you!!" or she'll growl. Yes. The little turd will growl at me.
Braden is in grade 2 with an AWESOME teacher. The first time I saw her I KNEW we were gonna have a great year this year...although, he could have had Bigfoot as a teacher and it probably would have been better than last year. Seriously though, this teacher actually wants to get to know the kids and have them know and trust her before she pulls out the work load. Niiice!!

The boys have settled quite nicely back in with their mom. I have ONE thing to say about it... just one.... WHY IS SHE NOT ENFORCING THEIR TABLE MANNERS??? I only expect near perfection in children at the table. Ok. seriously. I NEVER said a word to Alex, who's 4 (was 3 when he came to me) regarding his manners, other than not talking with his mouth full. But the other guys who were 5 and 7, they KNOW how to eat with elbows OFF the table, mouths CLOSED while chewing, hold the utensils PROPERLY and SITTING ON THEIR HINEY. sigh. ALL of that GONE. She doesn't care. and it drives me BANANAS!!

You know what else drives me crazy? People who are against breast feeding. duh. Obviously MOST mothers feel that way, right? I didn't breast feed. I may or may not post another time as to why I didn't, but not today. But you know what drives me even MORE crazy??? Is people who gush on and on and on and on and on and on and on (getting the point???) about how wonderful it is to do so. and what a beautiful thing it is. Why is it more beautiful than a bottle fed baby and mother? It is a mother feeding a child. I do not feel that I did not bond with my children any less feeding them a bottle of formula. I held my children close to me while they ate, burped them, looked in their gorgeous little eyes as their tummys were getting full. I support breast feeding. I also support bottle feeding. Hell. I support GOOD MOMS!! YAY MOMMYS!!

I have to work on the weekends for the next couple weeks. BLAH. I haven't worked on a Saturday or Sunday since... um.... Well, I believe I worked a couple Saturdays when Braden was 3. Before that was in 2000. wow. Oh well. The kids need some time with their dad without me around right? And it won't last long so I think I can handle it. It just REALLY sucks that my first Saturday shift is a TEN HOUR shift!! EGAD!!!

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