Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mind your peas and carrots! (September 25, 2008)

The kids and I head over to Aaron's every Friday, and stay till Sunday night. We eat 7 meals there in a weekend. (dinner Friday, and all 3 meals each day sat and sun) This man does not know what a fruit or vegetable looks like. Other than Bananas. He should have been born a monkey. If I want the kids to eat half assed decently, I either have to bring the meal ingredients, or go shopping with him and twist that freaking arm of his to purchase something, just SOMETHING somewhat healthy for at least 2 or 3 of those meals. He really has no clue as to what the big stink is about feeding the kids a piece of fruit or veggie. It drives me nuts and is a battle every time. *insert booming, echoing, sounding voice* EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Now, I am by far, NOT a health nut. I even have the extra poundage to prove it. I have gone a couple days without my kids seeing anything even remotely healthy. But I do make up for it. I have heard that it's mostly what you eat overall in a week, not a day. (Especially for children) So when we do eat crappy for a couple days, I usually compensate with good healthy food for the next 2-3 days. I digress...
Moving along. Below is a list of fruits and veggies. Beside them, is Aaron's definitions. He seriously uses these as his argument.
  • Creamed corn - soggy Corn Pops
  • Corn - popcorn (or as my son used to call it, "cockporn" mmm, salty, buttery "cockporn". Yeah...lose that one FAST kiddo)
  • Carrots - carrot cake
  • Squash - mashed, really mashed
  • Broccoli - broccoli...covered in creamy cheese sauce
  • Lettuce - pretty garnish
  • Tomatoes - ketchup
  • Cucumber - pickles
  • Potatoes - french fries
  • Grapes - raisins for kids, wine for the adults
  • Bananas - Bananas! ohmygoshilovebananas. BANANAS!! I GO APE SHIT FOR BANANAS!! and ANYTHING that might taste close to a BANANA!! banana cream pie, banana slurpees, banana yogurt, banana pudding! BANANANANANANANAS!!!!!!
  • Strawberries - strawberry jam
  • Blueberries - blueberry pie
  • Apples - apple turnover
  • Watermelon - flavoured freezies
  • Oranges - the devil's spawn
  • Pineapples/Pears/Peaches/Cherries - fruit cocktail. (As in, sugar laden canned fruit. Factory canned. Probably with a shit load of BPA leaching into it.)
He has always loved my spaghetti. YEAH? WELL?? I grate carrots into the sauce! And you know those chocolate chip muffins you love so much? I put zucchini chunks in them. I could make a list here. But I won't. Just in case one day you stumble across my blog. And if you DO come across this blog... You aren't the Aaron I'm talking about, and none of this is true ... still wuv me ...? hunny?... heh heh ha..cough cough...

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