Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeah yeah. I've done it too. (September 30, 2008)

Oh how words can bite us in the ass. I have a few examples here courtesy of others. I know at some point, okay, okay A LOT of times, *I* have said something really dumb, but it's much more fun and interesting to point out someone else's goof ups... not mine... Moving right along...

About 2 years ago, I used to work with this girl, who we will call Ninny. Ninny was about 22 years old, and no kids. We were both on our lunch break, and somehow or another the topic of child rearing came up. The only thing I can recall in our discussion is her telling me how when she has kids, she will NEVER tell them "no". She will use other terminology. Such as "Not a good idea" Or "Don't do that", "Danger". etc. You get the idea, right? She said "No is too negative". THEN she tells ME that *I* should stop saying "No" to my kids and that I would thank her later for it. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ...ahem... cough. So, me, being the gracious woman I am, told her "One day you are going to have children. Out of the blue you are going to remember this conversation and you will feel like an asshole." and I promptly walked away. I *may* have taken what she said a little easier had she actually had children.

Someone whom I love and respect DEARLY, asked me ages and ages ago (before they had children) why I hadn't made it to church the past couple Sundays. I told them because my son had not been sleeping well, and was transitioning from 2 naps a day to one. They told me "When I have children I will NEVER let their sleeping schedule interfere with going to church", and something regarding priorities. At that moment and time I wanted to SCREAM at them saying "ONE DAY!! ONE DAY YOU WILL REMEMBER THIS AND FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT!!" But I didn't. I put on the mommy smile and let it all. sink. in. About 2 or 3 weeks ago I was talking to this person and lo and behold... It was Sunday. Wait.. "why didn't you go to church today?" I thought perhaps one of the little ones were sick. The response? "Oh, The baby hasn't been sleeping well, and we have something planned for later, it would just be too much." As soon as this was said, I went back to that phone conversation 5 years ago. Out of respect for them, I actually kept my mouth shut. But what I wanted to do was yell "NA NA NA BOO BOO!!! EAT YOUR WORDS!!! NOW YOU UNDERSTAND!!" I know that one day that will be remembered by them and I know they will feel really bad. And I forgive them.

I don't remember who said this bit to me, as it was a while ago. I think she had one child at the time, who was a young baby. What she said I can easily understand and appreciate. I wanted to hug her out of pity. She said something about "not letting my kid(s) EVER interfere with my bathroom time. I will NOT allow my child to come in to the bathroom with me, nor bang on the door while I'm doing my business. I will teach them, that for those few minutes, they are to not even call out to me." I wish I could remember who that was, as I would truly like to know how that worked out for her. If it *actually* did, I. Must. Learn. Privacy. Peeing. Secret. If it backfired on her and she's a mom like me where an open door policy keeps me more sane than a child(ren) is banging on the door... honey, I PROMISE you are not alone. But I like that you had a dream.

In fairness, before I had kids, my sister already had 5. She's a yeller. I vowed that I would NEVER yell at my kids. Like she does. But I do. Oops. (Working on it!!)

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