Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wild Card Wednesday - 5 points of randomness (September 17, 2008 )

1 - My son's grade 2 teacher is AWESOME. Love her, lover her LOVE HER. She's taking things slowly and WANTS to get to know the students before hitting the curriculum. that's cool in my books. I'm guessing this way she'll also get a feel for how each kid learns. She keeps sending notes home saying "I just love having Braden in my class. He's so adorable!" I hope she still thinks that way at the end of June!!

2 - My best friend just lived out a hurricane. Hurricane Ike made it's presence known and she stayed. Granted, they live right by Houston, where they weren't told they had to leave or anything, but still! They have a bit of water damage in their oldest son's room, but nothing too serious. They COULD have been without power for a few weeks, but lucked out and were only powerless for 3 days. Whatever. I'da hightailed my ass out of there!!

3 - I have discovered that I do not like teenagers. Mostly teenage girls. And by teenagers, I mean from the age of 12 to 23. They...OK A LOT of them... are catty, snotty and just plain rude. I probably don't like them because I was just like that when I was that age. I discovered this working the weekend shift. Good grief! Please please PLEASE get me on the Monday-Friday shift SOON!!

4 - I have massive fibroids growing in my uterus. I go in for an ultra sound tomorrow to see how big exactly and where exactly they are. When laying down, I can feel my uterus AND fibroid(s). my Dr. said it feels like I'm about 15 weeks pregnant. WHICH I AM NOT. I want it/them removed. My Dr said if they are inside the uterus it could be removed, but if it's inside the muscle, I won't be able to, and suggested a hysterectomy. NO THANKS. He said IF I was to want another child, that getting pregnant with the fibroid(s) that size, could literally kill the baby by not leaving any room for it. I have NO plans on having another child ANY time soon, but still. Lets hope for the best. Lets hope I can just have the fibroid(s) taken out with uterus intact.

5 - Even with life's daily and not so daily stresses, I am pretty dang happy these days. Life definatly isn't a bowl of cherries, but in the words of "John and Kate plus 8" "It might be a crazy life, but it's my life." Even on my wort of the worst day/week/month (you get the idea) I wouldn't trade it with anyone. I STRONGLY believe, that if everyone took their issues and problems and could throw them into a giant heap, and then were told to go to that heap and pick the same number of problems we threw in, 99% of us would take a look at the mess, and sort through to pick back up the very problems we threw away. After seeing what we COULD have been dealing with, our problems probably wouldn't seem all that bad. Now try telling me this when I'm really stressed out and I'll probably have to smack you. Call me Pollyanna, but there REALLY is a bright side to EVERYTHING. Even if we can't see that right away.

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