Monday, September 29, 2008

Recess time (September 29, 2008)

In January, Braden's school implemented "M.B.I's" (minor behavior incidents) and "Gotcha's". If a student does something naughty, dangerous or anything to break the rules, they get an MBI. The teachers also hand out gotcha's for anything recognized as positive behavior. If a student did not receive any MBI's, in a calender month, they were allowed to go outside for an extra half hour reccess at the end of the month. Braden received a lot of gotcha's. Unfortunately, he also got MBI's. So he had to sit in the classroom with the other "bad kids" while the majority of the class went outside to play. (Note that the other "bad" kids didn't have nearly as many gotcha's as Braden) He could go all week without getting an MBI, then on Friday's, he would get one. He had 2 grade one teachers. Mrs. "MBI" taught on Friday's. huh. And I thought his Monday to Thursday teacher was a cow. (I'll post about this at some point.)


Braden's grade 2 teacher is a saint. She must have been cut from the same cloth as his kindergarten teacher. Mrs M (his current gr 2 teacher) told me today about the extra recess today. My heart sunk, as yet again Braden missed out. Wait.. What? What did she say? She said she knew kids were excited about the recess but she couldn't figure out why Braden was jumping out of his skin... Because he got to go!! Braden went the entire month of September without an MBI. I am SO very proud of him. Tiny little tears welled up in my eyes. Then I got angry. I realised, even though I knew last year, it never really sunk in that Braden was NOT a trouble maker. He did not "conform" like the other little kids. He used the term "potty" instead of washroom. (again, I will SO post about this soon!) He spoke out instead of raising his hand. He talked too loudly. He ALWAYS talks too loudly. What Braden did was never "bad". More annoying than anything.

Who would have thought that a parent could be so proud of their child for getting an extra recess. Not only am I proud of Braden, but also proud of his teacher for her ability to want to see each child as an individual. She embraces each student's uniqueness and uses that to her advantage for teaching techniques, as she knows that children all work and learn in their own way. This is going to be such a great year for Braden. I am so excited for him and look forward to working with Mrs. M, as apposed to protecting my child from a "teacher" who tried to turn my son into a blurry eyed little robot that would just make HER day easier. So long Mrs. U and Mrs. MBI. Welcome Mrs. M!!!

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