Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #7 - Crashident. X2 (Nov 27, 2008)

First off, I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! In case you didn't know, in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving the second Monday in October. I am preparing myself for insane amounts of jealousy, and will be arming myself with a bib. To catch the drool as I look at your photo's and read about your turkey dinners over the next few days! I may have already had my turkey dinner, but it doesn't mean I'm not ready for more!!



1. I rear ended someone.

2. No one was hurt.

3. No damage to EITHER car. On the outside... (My car is a red 1996 Mercury Sable. The car I hit? A blue 1996 Mercury Sable!!)

4. My car wouldn't start after. Hello Mechanic.

5. My mother was able to pick my son and I up.

6. She lectured me...Because she couldn't find her crock pot insert and lid that I borrowed. At Easter. (Um, Mom? I know. Sorry. Get that back to you ASAP. Promise. But the timing was kinda crappy to bring up that sort of thing. you couldn't wait another hour till I calmed down???)

7. Mom let me borrow her car to meet the tow truck driver at my broken car. (THANKS MOM! OK. I forgive the crock pot/timing issue)

8. *I* get REAR ENDED on the WAY TO MY BROKEN CAR. You know, The one that is BROKEN because *I* REAR ENDED someone. (Can we say IRONY, boys and girls???)

9. A teeny tiny iddy biddy scratch on mom's car. That's it. PHEW.

10. The first guy, the one I hit? He said no matter the damage, he wasn't going to claim it. He was SUPER nice. He said his car wouldn't be "worth fixing up, as it is just a beater car."

11. Unintentional slam, I'm sure, but go back up and read what's in parenthesis in number 3. Dude. Your "beater car" is MY only car!! But thank you for being so helpful and kind with everything else!!

12. Braden asked me about 3 micro seconds after impact "Why did you do that Mommy?! Why did you hit that car?", in an admonishing tone. I told him (In a not so nice voice), "Because mommy likes to live on the edge, Braden. I figured you might have some questions about accidents, and I wanted to show you what it was like. ALRIGHT?!" Thankfully my son understands the "tone" and knows there was no "reason" that mommy can't drive, other than the fact that, well, apparently Mommy can't drive.

13. No one was hurt. And my mom rocks. Even when she's more concerned about her crock pot than the mental state of her daughter. (Heh heh...Hi Mom! cough cough...Love you!)

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