Sunday, November 16, 2008

3 Years Ago Today (November 16, 2008)

3 minutes old new

Wow. Has 3 years really passed by this quickly? I can't believe. My baby girl is 3!!

Kenzie on her first birthday:

Kenzie and her first B-day cake:

Kenzie on her second birthday:

Kenzie and her second year b-day cake:

Kenzie today, her 3rd B-day:
(Well, they were taken yesterday, but whatever!)

She's so beautiful.

I'll have to post party pics next weekend. My little girl has the flu, so I postponed her party until next Saturday. Get better soon baby girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET LITTLE PRINCESS!!

The Story:

According to my Dr. and ultra sound(s), Kenzie's due date was Dec. 12. According to MY calculations, I said her due date was the 6th of Dec. So my Dr and I met in the middle and pleased each other by saying her due date was Dec 9th. Silly us. She had her own plans. November 16th, 2005 she graced my world with her appearance. 6 pounds, 9 ounces, (Or was it 8 ounces?) and 21 inches long. Or was it 19 inches...? I don't remember!! (Sorry sweety. But I'm sure it's written down. Somewhere. I hope.)

On Nov 15th, I read an email. I can't remember what it said exactly, but it made me mad. REALLY MAD. An hour later I felt "crampy". Being child number 2, I SHOULD have known, but figured it was braxton hicks or just cramps.

That evening I had a BURST of energy. I re-arranged my living room. I moved everything. I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I showered and shaved my legs. Or did I? Shannon, you were there... were my legs hairy? whatever.

I remember having cramping on and off through out the would wake me up just enough to feel, and sometimes my moaning was what woke me. They were pretty inconsistent too. At some point, I believe it was about 2am, I literally said out loud, "God. You know me. You know I have to be hit with a 2x4 to get the point across. I do NOT want to go to the hospital just to be sent home. PLEASE give me a very clear sign so I now when it's time. Thanks", and I went back to sleep. For about 10 mins. My contractions were still irregular, but getting stronger. I moved to my living room and slept on my recliner. It helped immensely.

At 7:50am, I woke up to the weirdest feeling/sound EVER. I heard AND felt a pop. Like a balloon full of jello popping in me. Even though it didn't happen with Braden, I knew exactly what it was. My water broke. Wait. No it didn't. It burst. It's amazing how quickly thoughts run through your head, eh? Because the nano second I felt that pop, I thought of all the articles that say amniotic fluid can ruin furniture, etc. So instead of lowering the footrest and getting out normally, I rolled over the side of my recliner to "save" it. It worked!

I usually sleep in the buff. That night I slept with my clothes on. Thank goodness I did! So much water came out of me, that as I was running, yes, RUNNING to the bathroom, the weight of the water pushed my pants down! I couldn't believe it. I got to the bathroom and more fluid poured out. I looked at my belly and watched it drop down. I felt so heavy. And then my tummy was shrinking. Where the hell did the baby go?!?! I literally looked in the toilet. Nope. No baby. This is good. I still can't believe how much amniotic fluid came out of me!

I took this opportunity to say "Yo! Thanks God! Now THAT'S the kind of sign I was looking for!" My contractions stopped. I didn't have another one for about an hour/hour and a half.

I'm going to save you from all the details. The whole part above happens to be my favourite, so I shared. The rest is just your basic "I popped a baby out of my vagina and I blame the nurses for everything because this MUST be there fault they were evil and blah blah blah kind of stuff"

Oh yeah. Braden, my first, was a c-section. So I am SO SO happy I got to deliver Mackenzie vaginally. I would NOT have done it without the epidural though. Kudos to all you ladies who have done it drug free. You are my hero!!

The Dr who was there for the delivery wasn't my regular Dr. but I knew there was a possibility of that. Dr. S, who was there, was AWESOME. He had a great sense of humour too. He was chatting with the nurse when I realised he was massaging my perineum.
Um... okaaay... Sort of odd, but whatever.. So I asked him "When you're done with that, could you massage my feet next?" He looked kind of shocked at first, like he was trying to process what I had said to him. Then he laughed. He didn't rub my feet. Bastard. From what the nurse said, turns out not many others had requested that before. I wonder why? I mean, if he's gonna get that personal, he may as well do the feet too, right?

So my water broke at 7:50 am, and I gave birth at 7:44pm.

My life has never been the same and for that I am grateful.

Happy Birthday Princess Kenzia!!

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