Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And So It Begins (November 18, 2008)

My son noticed the other day that there are Christmas decoration downtown on the street lights. I HATE THAT!! It's November!! I know it's a ploy to remind people Christmas is coming so start your shopping now, but can't it wait until at least the last week of November if not December 1st?

Anyhow, seeing the decorations inspired Braden to start writing a list for Santa. So far these are the items he has. Keep in mind he just turned 7 in July:

- Electric guitar with giant speakers to plug into. (equals noise. Soo...NOPE)
- Alarm clock. (why? He's the first one to wake up anyways!!)
- An ipod. (Heh. No WAY. I didn't get mine till about 6 months ago, he can wait too!)
- A laptop. (HAHAHAHAHA!! You ain't getting one before me, kiddo!)
- A cell phone. (Again boy, you are SEVEN!!

I went over the list with him and asked what kind of toys he wanted. "That's it Mommy. All on my list is what I want. That's it. Oh yeah. And some really cool Geo shock shoes."

...??? Geo shock shoes? Never heard of them. He says he saw them on TV commercials at Grandma's house. (We don't have cable..Oh how I wish we did!!) He said "All the cool kids are wearing them." WTF? I thought this request for name brand clothing crap wasn't suppose to happen till much later?? Silly Mommy.

Yesterday Braden told me he heard Santa's bells jingling far off in the distance. I told him "I don't think so bud. I'm pretty sure Santa is still in the North pole helping his elves make toys."

Braden disagreed. He said, "No Mommy. Santa doesn't make the toys.... He makes his lists and checks them twice."

You're right buddy. Silly Mommy, once again.

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