Monday, November 3, 2008

So There's This Ninja and A Princess... (November 3, 2008)

...The ninja decided since the cousins he was trick-or-treating with all had painted faces, he must have a painted face too. Even though he was adamant just hours earlier that ninjas would never wear face paint. Auntie Gina saves the day and paints a mask on the ninja. Crisis averted.

The Princess is happy and excited to go trick-or-treating for her very first time. She could have really cared less as to what she was dressed up as. Until she saw another princess. Wearing a tiara. And realized she had no head adornment of her own. So I put her raincoat hat on and excitedly said "Voila!! Hooray!!"... ... ... And she was happy! Crisis averted. Whew!

The kids kept asking where my costume was. Assholes.

After a while, I was getting exhausted. Who thought carrying around a 35 pound almost 3 year old princess from door to door could be so tiring? So, what I would like to know, is why is "Da da da DA, Princess Kenzia" too tired to actually carry her bag when she actually allows me to put her down?

After an hour we decide to head back to my sister's place. Crap! No pictures of the whole gang together! How will we get 7 kids (my sis has 7 of her own, but the 2 teenagers were off doing their own thing) to stand still for a picture? It worked! Of course not everyone was looking at the camera, but they stayed still!

Braden The ninja must have overheard me getting excited about eating some of their candy while they slept. So he assured The princess he would protect not only his candy, but hers as well.

She thanked him with admiring looks and said "Oh Ninja! You're my hero!"

Later that evening, as the kids slept, the greedy mommy I took a good look at their candy stash. What the heck? Where's all the bloody candy?! Forget that... Where the hell is all the chocolate? Sigh. The stash is not like I recall from last year. I would feel guilty if I was to eat any of this! (except for maybe the tootsie rolls)

Good work ninja! You protected the candy stash well after all

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