Friday, November 14, 2008

By The Powers Of Greyskull!! (November14, 2008)

Every once in a while before bed, the kids and I look at funny cartoons or music videos on you tube. A few weeks ago Aaron and I were reminiscing about cartoons we watched as kids. For shits and giggles we pulled up "He-Man".
That caught Braden's eye pretty quick.

Last weekend Aaron found a double DVD with a total of 14 or so episodes of "He-Man". Guess what we did all day Saturday? You guessed it. The four of us sat there for hours watching He-Man.

The next day, Sunday, I had to work. Aaron found a movie online with both He-Man AND She-Ra. Sweet!

I came home from work that day to find out Mackenzie had left a few hours previous. In her place was "She-Wa, Pwincess O' Powrrrr!"

Throughout this past week has been sword fighting (Funny, I don't recall the "real" She-Ra and He-Man sibling duo duking it out with their swords...), begging and pleading to get another cat so we can name it "Cringer", and more begging and pleading for a "Horse with wings, just like She-Wa's"

Mackenzie is still going strong. I called her over to me and this is how it went -

Me - "Mackenzie, come see mommy please"

Kenzie - (Mortified) "I am NOT KENZIE! I am She-Ra, Princess Of POWER, Mommy!"

Me - "Oh. Sorry honey. She-Ra, please come here for a minute"

Kenzie - "Okay Mommy. I comin."

She gets pretty ripped off when I call her brother "Braden".

This usually happens in the car on the way to school

Kenzie - "Hims is He-Man, mommy! Not 'Baden'! Right 'Baden'??"

Braden - (Big sigh) "Mackenzie, I don't want to play right now."

Kenzie - "Yes you DOOOOOO!! You is the He-Man and I. Is. Your. Sister. She-RAAAAA!!"

Braden - (Rolling his eyes) No Kenzie. I can only be the Master Of the Universe On the weekends. I have to go to school and He-Man is too old for school.

The kicker? The other kids at daycare have no clue what Kenzie is talking about and think she's nuts. I can't believe their parents haven't subjected them to early 80's cartoons!! I mean, Come ON, People!!

The boys in Braden's class beg me everyday after school to come over so they can watch this mysterious "Master" wielding a sword while wearing a fur trimmed speedo.

I like it. No, not the fur trimmed speedo. I like that my kids love a corny little show that I used to race home from school to watch everyday when I was 7. Not quite a classic like "Tom & Jerry" or "The Bugs Bunny ans Tweety Show", but a classic nonetheless.

What favourite shows did you watch that aren't played on TV anymore?

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