Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Party That Wasn't & The Party That Will Be (November 22, 2008)

Today is Mackenzie's long awaited birthday party. I had to postpone it from last Saturday, because she had the flu. And so did I. She's 100% back to her regular divaness, where as I am about 70% better. Whatever. I'm not complaining. I'll take 70% better over 100% attached to the toilet, any day!

She turned three last Sunday. She hardly ate a thing that day. We still wanted to do something for her, so Aaron went to the store and picked up some cupcakes. I put 3 candles in one and we (Aaron, Braden and myself) sang Happy Birthday to her. Her face lit up and she was very excited. She blew out the candles, licked the icing, somehow got icing on her toes, licked her toes, and said she had enough. Here are some pics. Tomorrow I'll TRY to have b-day party pics posted. Okay Shannon? ;)

Blowing out her candles

Daddy let her eat on the couch. Hmmm. Having a taste of the icing.

Braden enjoying his cupcake

She somehow managed to get icing on her toes. And she wasn't going to let it go to waste!

Even though she was sick, she was still a very happy girl.

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