Saturday, November 15, 2008

Then Comes Worse (Novemer 15, 2008)

Bad - You're down to your last cigarette and can't go to the store due to children sleeping.
Worse - You light your last cigarette at the wrong end.

Bad - Dribbling coffee on a customer's pant leg.
Worse - Dropping a container of syrup on a customer's pant leg. You know. That same customer.

Bad - Having a bathtub take 30 minutes to drain after a bath or shower.
Worse - Hearing the almost 3 year old child saying "Bye bye cotton balls" while holding an empty bag. And staring down the bathtub drain.

Bad - laughing at some dufus who has a sock stuck to the back of their pant leg.
Worse - Having a co-worker tell you 2 hours into your shift that you have a MAXI PAD stuck to YOUR leg. (unused, thank GOD.)

Bad - Being an idiot with friends and talking with an exaggerated lisp to sound funny.
Worse - Not realising until it's far too late that the friend of your friend actually has a lisp.

Bad - yelling at your son to "Come out of the closet!" for the 1,365,324 time that day. (What is so appealing about playing in a bedroom closet??)
Worse - Your son comes out of the bedroom 5 minutes later, crying, because he wants to be She-Ra, Princess of Power, but his 3 yr old sister won't let him.

Bad - Driving around for a month with the emergency brake light coming on every time you make a right hand turn.
Worse - The emergency brake light going off, but now your car jolts and jumps when you go over 30km per hour (That's about 45/50 mph)

Bad - Being in denial about your kids getting older because it means you are aging too.
Worse - Not planning or preparing the party you've been telling her about until last minutes notice, because Mommy is a giant walking brain fart.
(Turns out I'm postponing her party until NEXT Saturday. Poor little thing has the stomach flu)

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