Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Uhg (October 15, 2008)

 I'm playing hooky from work today. I feel so disgusting. I slept like crap, woke up every half hour and feel like I have to barf.


As miserable and uncomfortable I would be at work today, I still feel guilty calling in. I always feel guilty about calling in. I hate that! So many people take advantage of a "sick day" and don't think twice about it. And then there's me. I think I'll get in trouble or something. Today I don't care...yet.

So I'm off to get the kids ready and distribute them to school and daycare. See? I'm REALLY taking the day off. Thank goodness for daycare.

I'm going to go die now, but hopefully I'll be resurrected in time to pick the kids up this afternoon.

Groan. Moan. My gut's are rolling. I need gravol and Imodium. Anyone? Anyone?? Sigh.

Later people.

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