Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Dinners (October 11, 2008)

Today we are heading over to my mom's house for dinner. Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm. Turkey and all the trimmings. Thanksgiving is actually on Monday, but today is the only day mom has off of work this week. Works great for me!

Up until about 5 years ago, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day, and News Years day, the entire family got together to eat, visit, and celebrate. As our family gets older, cousins get married and have families of their own, and "share" these holidays with their in-laws. My mom and her sisters (who are the one's who take turns hosting these family get togethers) have decided to not to have "big" celebrations anymore. Now it's more imediate family dinners. With the exception of Christmas.

I find it sad. I wish I a bigger place. Even though it would be a lot of work, it would be worth it to have the entire family together for a few hours.

So, I have decided that once I have a bit more money rolling in, I'm going to start having a family dinner every second Saturday. I'll deligate to certain family members what they can bring for a meal contribution. (would it be wrong to ask for a monitary donation?? I kid!! I kid!!) It will only be my mom, dad, sister and her 7 giblets, myself and my tribe. If it works out, then maybe I'll invite a few more every once in a while.

I think it's important for my kids to have that. I grew up having a SUnday dinner with the entire family at my grandma's every week. Then she moved to a much smaller place, and those Sundays became obsolete.

Wish me luck! I think I'll start that in about 3 weeks. I'll let you know how things went!

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