Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sooo close!!! (October 28, 2008)

On Saturday, Aaron and I took the kids to the grand opening of a local recreational facility. Everything was free. Hot dogs, pizza, fresh fruit, bottled water, ice skating, swimming, cotton candy, cake, etc. The list goes on and on. Free. Everything.

When we arrived, they had a little set up with hay bales and scarecrows. Which translates to "photo op!!"
The kids happily obliged to take a seat and grin for the camera. I focused in and pushed the button.

"beep. beep. beep"

My batteries. CRAP! Knowing that the camera sucks the batteries even drier with the display window on, I turned it off and looked through the view finder. I took two pictures "just in case". The kids sat still the entire time, and looked right at the camera while I snapped away. Hoorah! Victory! I have decent pics of cooperating children! Wahoo!!

Wait. What's this?

Here's the first:

It had the potential to be "alright", but considering it's blurry...arg!!

And the second:

You can tell in this one that Mackenzie was "trying" to hold her smile and attention, whereas Braden just plumb gave up.


Would it have killed them to actually look at the camera?
Whatever. They were sitting still, had their hands to themselves and everything was free!

As for these pics? Priceless.

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