Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poop update!! (October 4, 2008)

The other day I posted about Mackenzie's potty regression. I would like to announce that everyday since Thursday she has pooped on the potty! WOOHOO!! Bribing Rewarding her with Tinker Bell stickers has worked some magic. It took a day or two, but has worked so far nonetheless. She still won't pee on the potty though. Again, I'm not going to push her. She had already shown me she was 100% capable of poopin' on the pot, so I'm continuing with the desperate pleas encouragement.

We did have a teeny tiny minor meltdown here though on Thursday evening. It seems the funds had run a tad low, as well as the pull-up supply. So I had to face some humility and head to the coughfoodbankcough to get some supplies. They had no pull-ups. Uh Oh. They did have size 6 diapers though, which was awesome. Awesome for me. Not so much for Mackenzie. At home she runs around naked noody (thank you for hardwood floors!!) but come bedtime I had a VERY offended little girl.

"I need a pull-up on now mommy"


"Okay sweety. But I don't have any right now."

Blank stare...

"I DO have some diapers though."

The look on her face made Braden leave the room. I could just see Braden thinking, Mom, you messed up BAD. The look on her face also made me talk really sweet. And very fast.

"Oh-hunny-the-store-was-out-of-pull-ups-because-someone-else-must-have-needed-them-before-we-did." *Switch to fake happy and overly excited voice* "But we're just going to use these until mommy can get to the store and buy you some real pull-ups. Ok? Sweety-pie-princess-Kenzia??"

I held my breath. I seriously held my breath. I had no idea how this child was going to react...

"Okay mommy!"

and..... exhale! Whew!

**Note to self - What's one bounced cheque when it comes to the option of pull-ups or donated diapers? Oh. Right. SANITY. I'm sure the landlords will understand. They have kids... Rent schment. Definitely going for the pull ups.

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