Monday, October 27, 2008

Klassic Kenzie (October 27, 2008)

I think my daughter has some type of personality disorder.

She succeeds at convincing Grandma and strangers that she is a sweet, innocent little princess. Mackenzie aka - "Da da da DA, Princess Kenzia!!" Loves all things Barbie, Care Bears, Tinkerbell and the works. When she wears dresses she holds them at the hem line, lifts the dress up a bit and twirls around for all those worthy to admire her.

She can't fool me. And I have the proof. See this picture? Oh yeah. Everything princess like is void from this scene.

(I think if you click on the picture, it might show up a bit bigger)

1 - Braden got that for a gift when he turned one. It still has the original batteries in it 6 years later. And they work. Mackenzie discovered this truck in August. Almost exactly 6 years to the day that Braden got it. By the end of August,she decimated it. She managed to rip the steering wheel and front wheels off. Now she scoots around on it "steering" herself with her legs.
"But Mom-mmm-mmy. I'm just making it better for me. Right Mommy?"

2 - No "princess" would allow herself to go outside with sandals on the wrong feet. Except Mackenzie when she's trying to convince you that Princesses don't mind. "Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Right Mommy?" Erm.. Sure sweety.

3 - This injury occurred when the "Princess" was chasing after a 4 year old little boy at daycare, so she could smack him with a Barbie doll. Apparently he told her that she was too little to blow bubbles the "right" way.
"I was blowing the bubbles like a princess do, and then he made me really mad. Right Mommy?"

4 - Stickers on the bandages - The ultimate healing power. She asked if she could use my "Mommy stickers cuz they's weally big stickies. Right Mommy?"
"Mommy stickers" being my maxi pads. Ahem.

5 - A classic Kenzie face. As I was taking this picture, Braden was behind me saying something to Mackenzie. I don't recall what he was saying, but her response was "the" look, followed by a low growl of "Nooooo 'Baden'. NO. He's bothering me. Right Mommy?"

To avoid being on the receiving end of "the" look, I will have to abide by the Princess. I shall call her "Princess Tomboy". RIGHT Mackenzie?????

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