Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taste test (October 21, 2008)

Have you ever heard that joke:

"How can you tell there was an elephant in the refrigerator?"
"Because there were footprints in the butter"

Have you? Well, I have a new one for you:

"How can you tell the seven year old boy was mucking in the cupboards?"
"Because there's a finger streak in the icing."

That little SHITHEAD.

As I posted yesterday, I have been on this baking/cleaning binge lately. Last night I grabbed the last container of icing out of the cupboard to frost the cake. (Hey. Don't judge. I said yesterday I was fairly new to this baking thing, so you can't expect me to be making homemade icing yet!!) I took off the lid and grabbed the "protective seal" to peel it away. What's this? Hmmm. That came off pretty easy. Too easy. I glance at the icing. A perfect little finger streak from the middle to the edge of the rim. Not deep. Just a surface test I suppose. I even had to stop and think, "Now when did I do this?" But I *know* I didn't. There is no way Mackenzie could ever have gotten up on the counter, let alone stop at one little taste test.

What gets me the most, is the little shit smoothed out the foil and bent it back down to make it look like it was never tampered with.

What a bloody genius.

Just too bad he didn't stick it in the fridge after. It has a gazillion year shelf life, but 2 weeks open in the fridge. I have no clue how long ago this happened, and was not going to take any chances. I had to throw it away.

I have to say it one more time...

What a little shithead!!!

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