Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where's that 2x4???? (June 11 2008)

12 more days of school! It's bittersweet. All the driving I do is enough to drive one insane. Half day kindergarten has GOT TO BE ABOLISHED!! What a pain! On the other hand... all these kids and me. Alone. 24/7. for 2 months. I wave my white flag!!

16 'sleeps' till vacation time! It really will be a vacation too. The kids might be around me, but Aaron is coming, not to mention it's our annual family reunion. which means lots of other adults to help watch kids. The kids pretty much have free reign of my aunts property there too. So I'll only see the kids when it's time to eat meals, and when they find me to tattle on someone. Tattling. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Unless someone is bleeding, choking or drowning, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!!

If my sister gets her kids back at the end of the school year, Ill have a very quiet ride up there. Just Aaron, Kenzie, Braden and myself. In my CAR. Sigh. I'm really gonna miss driving the van. I LOVE the van. I don't miss my car one iota.

We usually go for 3 days, but this year we'll be gone for 5. I would have liked to stay for a week, but Aaron can't take that much time off of work. Bummer.
My favorite part of the trip is the 8 hour drive there and back. Even with whiny kids. I'm always daydreaming. Driving that long will be "therapeutic". After typing that, it sounds kind of odd. I think I'm odd, so no shocker there!

I'm the type of person who needs to be bashed in the head with a 2x4 before i notice, or "get" something. So I've been doing a little praying. God knows I need the 2x4 smack, and he has certainly shown me when I've asked!! ex - in labour with Mackenzie, I prayed, cuz I didn't want to go to the hospital too early. 12 hours of contractions, my water broke. Wait. no it didn't. It BURST!! Right away I raised my eyebrows, and said out loud (to God) "Now THAT was a sign!! Thanks!!" lol! (My water never broke with Braden!!)
So I'm asking for Him to "hit" me again. In regards to a certain someone. sigh. I NEED to know either way, and things are progressing REALLY REEEEAAALLLY sloooooooow. A little TOO slow. But I haven't gotten hit with the 2x4 yet. And getting rather impatient!! I know, I know... All on His time, but I think He knows I NEED AN ANSWER before I either give up, or go completely nutso!!

I make myself shake my head. I think I just blog-prayed. Hmmm. that's a first. well, I'm off to pick Ben up from K. I'll probably post something later. I'm in a really good mood today. YAY!!

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