Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ear Sight (June 3 2008)

This is how I look at the end of the day, Mon-Fri. From the inane amount of driving I do!

My day is out of wack. I'm sitting here thinking I've got to BE somewhere. I usually leave to get Ben from kindergarten at 11:10am. No today. He's going to the zoo with his class, along with the grade 1's. Today I pick Ben up from school at 2pm. Then I get to go back, and pick up Braden and Sam from school at 3:05pm. That would be fine if the school wasn't a ten minute drive away!
I shouldn't really complain until tomorrow though. Tomorrow Sam goes on a field trip that leaves at 8:30am. He needs to be there at 8:20. Did I mention school doesn't start till 9am?? And that I'll have to WAIT for half an hour in the parking lot with 4 kids until Ben and Braden can go to their class? Then I'll drop Alex and Kenzie off at daycare around 9:15, and go BACK to the school for 11:25 to pick up Ben. I HATE half day kindergarten. What a waste of time. Then I'll pick up Kenzie and Alex from daycare, head to the school to pick up Braden at 3:05. Then what? I have to wait until 4PM to get Sam! If this was everyday I'd... forget it. I'm NOT going to think about it. I do enough driving to school and daycare on a daily basis. No sense in giving myself an aneurysm thinking about crap that doesn't happen.

Ben told be today when he yawned he could hear even better. I asked what he meant and he said, "When I yawn, everything gets louder and my earsight gets really good and loud." His 'ear sight'. Cute.

My days are so redundant. Go to school. Go to daycare. Go home. Go to school. Go home. Go to daycare. Go to school. I spend a good 2-3 hours a DAY in the van. Lord help me.

Tuesdays and Fridays I get to shake things up a bit. I don't have to pick the little ones up from daycare until AFTER I get ALL the boys from school. I look forward to those days. It makes me feel rebellious.

I've been doing the countdown to Valemount with the kids since we were at 75 "sleeps" away. I tell Aaron pretty much every weekend how many "sleeps" till we go. He doesn't show as much enthusiasm as me. He's such a man. But that doesn't stop me. On Saturday I told him "Only 26 more sleeps till Valemount!!" He paused for a second. I actually thought he was going to tell me he wasn't going. He proceeds to the calender, and tells me It was wrong, and it was 27 sleeps away. I was mad!! He was "right". (note the quotation marks there) My countdown I have on my facebook page shows how many DAYS until we leave...it also shows how many HOURS until we leave. That's where it got me. Whatever. I'm RIGHT, he's WRONG. He's wrong because you never EVER tell a woman who is excited about a trip that there is indeed an extra day before we leave.

I'll have to tell him that. I just hope his ear sight is working well.

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