Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm BLOGGING?! (June 2, 2008)

So "they" say, in our lifetime, we have one "profound" year. The past 12 months for me have been...uh.. interesting. Profound? I'm not too sure, but I'll take it as such to make "them" happy.

May 2007 - My back goes out. And by out, I mean non functional with EXTREME pain. I'd rather birth 14 watermelons while sitting on a cactus. Turns out my pelvis "locked" and all the muscles in my pelvic region were spasming, inflamed, and just not HAPPY. Thank God for diazepam.

May 2007 - I lost my job because of my back.
May 2007 - My best friend Shannon (aka- sugartits) Left me for TEXAS! Now THAT was HARD to deal with. :(

May 2007 -May 2008- I notice the vision in my left eye was going. After 2 optometrist, 1 opthamologist, 1 neurologist, 1 "heavy duty eye guy" (like an opthamologist but with superpowers) 2 CT scans, 1 MRI, 1 lumbar puncture, 6 field of vision tests, some crazy medication to lower some excess spinal fluid, (that I quit taking after 12 days because it made me non-functional), they tell me nothing was wrong except for some swollen optic nerves. okay....??? So THIS May, I go into the eye doctor to get contacts. For shits and giggles he takes pictures of my eyeballs. Then he tells me I'm FINE. The swelling in my optic nerves is GONE. Pardon me? I just went though HELL, and there's nothing WRONG? I'm FINE? Seriously?? Are you SURE there's not even a teeeny tiiiny tumor in there? Sigh. All for nothing!! So here I am "fine", but I still have approximately 40% vision loss. Go figure.

Sept 2007 - My son starts grade one with a teacher who FULLY EXPRESSES to ME that he seems to be "immature" (HELLO?!?! He's SIX.) That she would much rather NOT be teaching a k/1 split, and she'll "keep his eye on him. My poor child. He went from having the BEST kindergarten experience in the history of all kindergartens that have been, and to come (we MISS you, Miss Penzer!!!) to a new teacher AND principle that have LABELED my child, and wish to hear nothing I say until I show I'm PISSED. Watch out for Mama Bear. Trust me. you think you've seen me angry?? Try Seeing me in Mama bear mode. I've impressed/freaked MYSELF out.

Sept 2007 - certain events led to the removal of my 7 nieces and nephews being "spread out and about". The 3 youngest of those seven being placed in foster care. FOSTER CARE! With NONE of the family being informed. After 3 months of breathing down the ministry's neck, I FINALLY get the boys in my care.

Dec 2007 - I quit my new job to get ready and prepare for my nephews coming to stay with me.

Jan - 2008 - The boys come to stay with me. I've got a 6 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I just ASKED for THREE boys, ages 3, 5, and 7?? Am I NUTS? apparently so. They drive me INSANE. Not just my nephews. My son. Holy smokes. The 5 year old (Ben) and my son Braden who is 6, hate/despise/loathe each other. Really. I'm NOT exaggerating. I wish I was. BUT, with all the headache, frustration, whining, etc, I'm glad I took them on. I would have NEVER forgiven myself had I left those kids in foster care. They NEEDED someone who knew them, loved them, made them eat their veggies and give timeouts too. The boys told me they liked their foster mom's house better cuz she didn't force them to eat veggies, and NEVER gave time outs. Are you kidding me? Every house needs to have pencil HOLES, scribbled art work and encrusted boogers in the timeout corner! (It's amazing what goes on in the timeout corner)

(left to right) My nephews -
Alex 4, Sam 7, Ben 5.
My 2 monkey's - Braden 6, Mackenzie 2.

March/April/May 2008 - I've gotten to see certain family members in a different light. Some good, others not so good. That hurts. A LOT.
Feb 2008 - present - My son is doing GREAT in school. Since I gave the school a "taste of thei own medicine", Braden has flourished in schoolwork, his teacher and principle have backed WAY off, and I quite enjoy watching her walk on eggshells around me. I didn't really WANT that, but I AM liking it. Is that bad?
May 2008 - Hearing rumors that the boys MAY be going back. I surprised myself with having mixed emotions with that one. Half of me says "Yes! Go. Go far far away and let me get back to "normal"..." The other half says "NOoooo!! We're are FINALLY getting somewhere now! There's no WAY they can get plunked on my doorstep, double up the size of my little family, cause me to go POTENTIALLY gray, (haven't found a grey hair!!...yet...) and then wisk them away with the 3 of us saying "what the hell just happened?!?!"... I will miss them when they do go though.

I'm not even going to touch all the BIG stuff that's happened this year... ha ha ha... I'm KIDDING!

I haven't been ID'd in a year. I could walk into the same store, day after day to get my smokes, and be asked for ID. Have I been ID'd in the past year? NOPE. Great. Stress really DOES age you. Sigh.
Now THAT'S profound.

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