Wednesday, June 4, 2008

They can keep va-jay-jay (June 4 2008)

Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show. I went into a deep dark depression every Thursday night during the writers guild strike. I sunk even deeper into depression 30 seconds after the season finale aired 2 weeks ago. I snapped out of it about 3 minutes later, but that was tough times I tell ya.

Now flashback about 2 years

A past friend of mine, (I'll call him 'K'), was in denial. He was 23 and had VERY thinning hair. He kept his hair "longish", as he believed himself to be a rock star. I was with him and his twin brother at a concert when K was admiring himself in the reflection of the car window. He asked his brother if his hair (which was ROCK HARD and BRITTLE from all the hair products he used) looked alright. His brother laughed at him and said "Dude. We're going BALD man. Our hair will never look "alright" again!"  K almost died. He was offended, hurt, and in BIG time denial. My best friend and I dubbed poor K the name "Baldy McHairline". Not to his face of course, but WE coined that phrase! Or so I would like to believe.

Flash forward about 2 years or so.

My favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, is taking credit for our phrase!!  You know, "McDreamy", "McSteamy" etc. EXCUSEY MOI?????  Not only do I NOW have to EXPLAIN that I did NOT "steal" the "Mc" phrase when referring to "Baldy McHairline", but am now being accused anytime I use a phrase like that! such as "Grumpy McGrumperson" when referring to my cranky child, or "Smelly McSmellerson" when changing a poopy bum.

It may seem frivolous, but gosh darn it, I want credit!!  I'll be kind and let them have "va-jay-jay" though.

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