Monday, December 1, 2008

"It's Not Like I Called You A..." (Dec 1, 2008)


We all have our choice words or phrase for someone who has angered us. Whether it be "You nasty old fart", or maybe "You stupid &^%#$@ *&@^#&*%$!!". Well, My kids have found the MOST insulting term to swing at one another. It creates high blood pressure, temper tantrums, and full out hysterics. You should see how it affects the kids, too.

Are you ready? Are you prepared for the nastiest comeback in my household, used by a seven and three year old? Towards each other?
Poo Poo Head

My children share a room. They don't have to. I live in a 3 bedroom house. They want to share a room. With each other. Weird.

Anyhoo, this is a scene from last night.

Me - (after tucking them in, kisses & hugs and all that other mommy stuff) "Goodnight Kenzie. Love you. Goodnight Braden. Love you. Sweet dreams you guys"

Kids - In freaky like Brady Bunch unison - "Night night Mommy. Love you too.

I smiled and walked into the living room. I settle down to fit my butt into the perfect little butt grooves my arse has already worn into my chair.

Ahhh. Kids in bed. Downstairs neighbours are quiet. Perhaps I'll do some blog hopping.

Something Someone breaks the silence.

Kenzie - Mommy. (pause) Mommy! MOMMY! Braden called me a POO POO HEAD!
(repeat this 3 times, as I try desperately to ignore it. (Hey! I was comfy!)

Braden - Nuh UH! She called ME POO POO HEAD FIRST! (pause) MOMMY! MOOOMMMMYYYYY!

Me Goodnight!! I love you!!

Kenzie - Mommy. (pause) Mommy! MOMMY! Braden called me a POO POO HEAD! A POO POO HEAD! Braden, I'm MEAN AT YOU NOW! Mooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Braden - Be quiet Mackenzie! You're giving me a headache! MOM-MEE!

Me - (Still calling from the living room) GOOD. NIGHT. I love you. Go to sleep. The both of you. NOW.

They continue to talk, argue actually, but they are both on their beds, and not involving me. And they aren't yelling anymore. They were trying to justify why they called each other a poo poo head. It began to get a little loud after a while. I got up and was just outside their bedroom door when I heard Braden say to his little sister in a really snotty tone, "It's not like I called you a pee pee head, you know!

In a fraction of a second I envisioned things getting really nasty. Perhaps a repeat of tattling? Yelling from the bedroom? My head exploding?


What happened next was stunned silence. Mackenzie contemplated for a moment and said quite innocently, "A Pee Pee Head?" Then broke into a belly splitting laughter. She laughed so hard *I* started laughing. I had to run back into the living room so they didn't hear me.

If they heard me laughing at "pee pee head", I am in SO much trouble.

Tomorrow's lesson - It's not OK to call people names. Especially pee pee head, because it might make Mommy laugh.

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