Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Size DOES Matter, Son. (Dec2, 2008)

Yesterday morning on the way to school, Braden tells me he knows the perfect gift he is going to get me for Christmas. He asked if I wanted to know what it was. I said no, just let it be a surprise. He said I should probably know beforehand, so I wouldn't be worried when I saw the giant truck outside the house. ???

"Braden, mommy doesn't need anything that needs to come in a giant truck. Just get me something little, or make me a story, or draw me a picture or something."

Braden smacked his forehead and said, "Well, since you don't want something big, can I tell you what it was going to be?"

"Sure, buddy. What was it going to be?"

"A HUGE, GINORMOUS, big, brand new bathtub, Mommy! Big enough for you to fit in all the way so your head AND feet can go in. All at the same time!"

"Cool, Buddy! That sounds awesome. The bathtub we have now is pretty good though."

"Yeah, but Mommy! The one I wanted to get you was going to be TWO INCHES WIDE!!"

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